Fabian Rockenfeller
Fabian Rockenfeller

Exploitation of self

The series ‚Exploitation of self‘ deals with the modern zeitgeist of the working world and the negative psychological effects that work can have on us.
Work has traditionally always had connections to terms like struggle, exertion or burden. The origins of the term already imply being unfree or at least having a great deal of imposition.
Contrary, work nowadays is often considered to be the essential foundation of freedom and happiness in life. To some extent work, in connection with an inner need for success, became the central point of reference in the definition of our own existence.

But as soon as a career evolves into the most intimate expression of personality, conditions are favorable to a self-destructive tendency.The pursuit of success, money and professional acknowledgement thereby stokes up the flames that spur us, while making us blind for the depletion from within ourselves. Thus we dance as slaves of the post- modern Zeitgeist unwavering all the warning signs around the Golden Calf called work.